Fusing Silver to Copper

I recently sold the last pair of earrings I had in stock that were made by fusing silver to copper.  I do love making them so I decided to make some more. 

diamond shaped earrings silver fused to copper

Making these is a process. First the shapes are cut out with a saw.

sawing rectangles from copper sheet

The edges of the cut shapes are then filed and sanded smooth.

filing copper shape

Texture is stamped into the copper.

stamping on copper

Next, silver shavings are sprinkled onto each copper base piece. These shavings have been collected from sanding and filing other silver pieces.  We save all the shavings and scraps produced to melt down and use in other pieces.  Very little is truly wasted.


The copper and silver dust are then heated with the torch until the silver has melted. When the silver is in this liquid state it can be moved around with the torch and creates random textures.

flame on copper/silver fusing it 

Each piece then goes into the pickle pot for a bit.  When removed from the pickle they have a film on them that needs to be removed with sandpaper or steel wool.

steel wool on copper

After cleaning them up I go back and do it all again - stamp them again, fuse another layer of silver shavings, pickle, clean up.  I may do it a third time depending on the look I want.  When satisfied with the look, they go into the tumbler to be shined up and hardened.

The last thing to do is to add the ear-wires, which I also make myself.

end of ear wire bending

And voila, they are ready to wear.

See the Mixed Metal Collection to see what's available.

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